Let’s face it we are all just big kids really, fantasising about our dream watches and different dials and hands and bracelets and….

To most of the ‘normal’ non WIS people we are all very strange and a little bit sad.

‘It’s just a watch’ being a phrase we commonly all hear.  Stop acting like a child!

Well today I’m the biggest child of all and I don’t care!

We can all remember that excitement we used to have on xmas day as young children and the overwhelming excitement of getting something we were not expecting, or that ‘surprise’ present.

In adulthood we rarely reach those peaks again, having a far more ‘sensible’ degree of happiness and excitement that usually falls off quite quickly into ‘contentment’.

Today though I remembered exactly how it was to be 9 years old again and for that thrill to be just that little bit overwhelming and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I once again shared that feeling I see so often in my young son’s face when he score’s a goal for his team…

I’ve been an Omega Speedmaster fan long before I was a vintage Rolex fan. I’m guessing probably many of you here are also. Just the perfect chrono in my opinion, simple, stylish, functional and steeped in huge amounts of history. Very submarineresque I guess. I like just about all of them to some degree. My favourites obviously being the pre-moon watches and then the early moon watches but I’ve always had a deep love for the MK2. The weird case shape and the exotic/racing dial always having huge appeal – I think I’ve had about 15 of them, at one point I owned about 8….my OCD really did get the better of me!

Over time I’ve let some go and last year even let my prized possession of a NOS never worn Exotic dial go to a very nice young lady who’s husband to be has been trying to find ‘THE’ perfect one for over 2 years. He is getting it on his wedding day next month and I think she is more excited about giving him this watch than actually getting married! He better bloody appreciate it, and her wink.gif

Maybe good deeds are repaid though? I like to think so and try to help people as much as possible these days…I spent a long time chasing the $$$$’s to realise it doesn’t necessarily make you happy nor do you find yourself mixing with particularly nice characters sometimes…

Anyway I’m babbling. Today one good deed seems to have been repaid and a new grail has come home.

And it doesn’t have to be a £100,000 watch for those feelings to come flooding back.

The sun even shone through the clouds for once, miracles do happen in the UK every now and then!

Omega Speedmaster Mk2 Tropical – They don’t get better than this, ever, period.

ENJOY! – I am….

(P.S. It’s not for sale, nor will it ever be….don’t even ask  )

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