You have to watch this!

This video is from a UK TV show called ‘Real Deal’. It’s a popular daytime show that has members of the public bringing in their goods and offering them to the appropriate ‘expert’ in the studio to make them an offer.

If they decide against the expert’s offer they then take the goods to a local auction house and the TV cameras follow the proceedings to see if they do better at the auction.

In this episode, the ‘expert’, offered this gentleman £220 for an early 60’s rare Rolex watch – a 1675 GMT Master with gilt dial and pointed crown guards.

Thankfully the member of the public turned the ‘expert’s’ bid down….and the auction itself made some interesting viewing!!

I hope the ‘expert’ was duly embarrassed at the end of it all!


Watch here:



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  1. Carl Hewson

    Everyone likes a deal on a watch, but can how dealers who know it will be on television live with themselves?
    Very interesting to watch in any case

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