The ULTIMATE tropical Omega SPEEDMASTER – Grail Warning!!

I’ve been an Omega Speedmaster fan long before I was a vintage Rolex fan. I’m guessing probably many of you here are also. Just the perfect chrono in my opinion, simple, stylish, functional and steeped in huge amounts of history. Very submarineresque I guess. I like just about all of them to some degree. My favourites obviously being the pre-moon watches and then the early moon watches but I’ve always had a deep love for the MK2.

What is a ‘GRAIL’ watch and why?

I recently posted a thread about a recent ‘grail’ acquisition of mine on a watch forum and it was interesting to see how many people interpreted the meaning of a ‘grail’ watch differently. ‘Grail’ is a term I think is often over used in WIS circles, many people seemingly acquiring their ‘grail’ only to be…