The story below comes from a gentleman in London who has just purchased his first ‘special’ watch and also his first Rolex from me.

I thought it was nice to share, as many of us will no doubt be able to relate to his feelings. The watch he actually bought was my first special Rolex too….so I’m really glad the baton has been passed to someone who appreciates it.

Let’s see if he ends up sliding further down the slippery slope over time!


“I never thought I’d actually buy a Rolex. It’s never been a brand that’s appealed to me. I tended to categorise the people who bought a Rolex as the kind of person who had made a bit of money and wanted to let those around them know how successful they’d been. Controversially, the stereotype would drive a BMW or Mercedes because they’re German cars and perceived to be the best, and would own a Rolex watch because it’s Swiss and, again, perceived to be the best. However, over the past year I have truly been taken in by the charms of a vintage Rolex.

When I recently posted a message asking for advice on buying a vintage Rolex, I soon realised it’s a minefield. It certainly isn’t as simple as buying a new watch. The potential pitfalls are many. The one most important piece of advice that’s clear is that you need to know and trust the person you are buying from. This may mean paying a slight premium but that’s what I would term your peace of mind insurance policy.

As I started to research buying a vintage Rolex, Your First Special Watch - A New Owners TaleI came across Jason’s Sweeping Hand website days before the official launch. His stock of timepieces is exemplary. I could have chosen a number of watches I would have wanted to own but my eyes were drawn to the Rolex Submariner 5513.

I couldn’t resist sending Jason an email to get more details. His passion for watches soon became very apparent. He is clearly a collector and not a dealer. I almost felt guilty about offering to buy a watch from him that he was obviously sentimental about. I wanted to pop up to the East Midlands to see the watch in person but didn’t really have the time. However, I was confident that the watch would be as good, if not better, than Jason’s description.

I took the plunge. I was soon logged on to my bank’s website transferring money into his bank account which took a leap of faith. However, it was certainly reciprocated as Jason sent me the watch before the funds had cleared. The following day, a Saturday, I received my lovely new old watch. It was in amazing condition and, as I had suspected, better than Jason had indicated.

My only criticism is that I think it will take some time before it feels truly mine as I believe Jason’s soul is still in the watch…”

Ed K, London


  1. Sweeping Hand

    Glad to see you are enjoying it Ed! The first one is always the most special….

  2. Meojay

    Congratulations on a fantastic purchase Ed. Everyone has a favourite, but a tritium 1520 powered 5513 would feature at the top of many lists I would think! I love reading about other people’s first vintage watch “love” stories. Mine started with Omega when I was 21. It was an accident to boot. My dad wears a rolex and an omega – both old (now!) and both stunning so when I turned 21 I decided I wanted a proper mechanical Swiss watch. I did the rounds of the jewelry stores and watch shops but was underwhelmed (we are talking mid 90’s!) at the design faux pas of the time and the price tags. At that point my dad suggested I try a second hand dealer. My life has never really been the same since! I fell head over heels in love with a ’69 omega cosmic seamaster and paid the princely sum of AUD200 for it. 15 years on, my omega passion continues with numerous 60’s seamasters, geneves and speedmasters. I al now getting ready to take the roles plunge. My favourite watch though? That first seamaster cosmic. Nothing will ever replace it. First love is always the sweetest.

  3. CK Carver

    It is a beautiful Rolex.. Congrats!!!

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