It’s now more than a year, since I have bought my first watch from Sweeping Hand, which in fact was a Rolex Explorer I.

The whole buying process for a very beautiful piece has been really smooth and a pleasure. It was starting from description of the watch, including pictures, the timely shipping, including tracking and the true effort to answer all questions about specifics and details. This Explorer is still one of my favourite pieces, and I truly have enjoyed it from the first moment that you had so perfectly described it.

Since then several other pieces have followed, and my positive experiences have been repeating themselves and again the watches were simply a pleasure to acquire. What I also soon have noted, is the superb quality of all his specimens, and the great expertise he applies in selecting these, in the first place.

I am a regular visitor of his web portal, which is excellent, also regarding his images. – It is especially contributing to the quality of the image documentation, to also have viewing access to many of his already sold watches. I can also say, that I am sure, I will again buy from Jason at Sweeping Hand and can recommend his services to everyone..