Watch Photography

Taking good quality watch photographs is not easy, ask anyone who has ever tried! Even with fancy expensive cameras, macro lenses, daylight lighting systems and enclosed light tents it can still be a complete nightmare. Watches don’t seem to like being photographed – they like reflections, glare and wrong exposures. I’ve tried for years and it still drives me mad to this day. I am not and never will be a watch photographer – but at least everyone who buys a watch from me always says “Wow, it’s so much better than it looked!” A small consolation I guess.

So for these reasons I am absolutely delighted and feel extremely privileged to be able to showcase on this website the photography of a good friend and my favourite watch photographer, Tony Angel. Many watch aficionados will have come across Tony’s photographs in a number of watch forums where he often posts as LearningToFly, LTF or through his watch blog Half Past The Hour. If you haven’t then I strongly urge you to take a look at his watch Blog here HALF PAST THE HOUR WATCH BLOG.

Although photography is but a hobby and a passion to him, Tony’s ability to capture the character of a watch is unequalled in my opinion and all the watch pictures you see throughout this website come from his collection. I am absolutely delighted to have been granted permission to use them and having had access to all the high resolution originals they truly are breathtaking. You can also order individual pictures or have your own photographs commissioned through his shop here TONY ANGEL IMAGES . I just hope I have done the photos justice with the rest of my website.

These days Tony takes fewer and fewer watch photographs concentrating his eye more on things that he sees on his travels. This has taken his photos to another level capturing real depth and life in the things most of us would never notice. It also means there are more to now see and you can follow his posts on Instagram here TonyInLondon.

It has been great to work with similar minded and passionate people on this new edition of SweepingHand . The photos really bring the site to life and I will forever be grateful to Tony for their use – thanks mate and please keep taking and sharing them!