I first met Jason Graham in April 2010 while enquiring about a 1969 Mk2 Red Submariner he had for sale. Jason described the watch in detail and also as having the best, totally mint dial he had ever seen. After a brief telephone conversation, Jason invited me to his home where he made me most welcome and I quickly found out his watch descriptions are exactly as described! During the next few hours and a perusal over his own excellent collection I found Jason to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. He is also very picky (his own words) when buying for clients and/or his own collection. After 5 years and many many more high end Vintage Rolex watches later, all of which I still have (they are that good), we now consider each other very good friends. To conclude, if you are looking to deal with a passionate, knowledgeable watch collector, just give Jason a call, you will not be disappointed.