At Sweeping Hand we are happy to share with clients as much information as possible about your watch.

Common questions we are asked are ‘How old is my Rolex?’ or ‘What year is my Rolex from?’.

Our Rolex Serial Number Database will help you to narrow this down and for you to be certain of your Rolex age.

We also have a Tudor Serial Number Database and an Omega Movement Number Database to help you date the year of your Omega and Tudor watches and although these will be reasonably accurate, they are based on research only, so not quite as refined as the Rolex Serial Number database, but should still be of some help.

In addition we have included useful information on Rolex Model Numbers for all the common models Rolex have made; Rolex bracelet types for you to check you have the correct Rolex bracelet with your Rolex watch and Rolex Country Codes if you have original punched guarantee papers with a country code on them.

Of course it is impossible to share everything so if you do have a specific question that is not answered here then please contact us and we will try to be of assistance wherever possible.