In the same way that Rolex serial numbers allow you to date the year of your Rolex you can also date the year of your Rolex bracelet.

Rolex bracelet codes are found on the inner part of the Rolex bracelet clasp and started in the 1950’s when Rolex also began stamping the inner caseback of their watches. The only difference being that Rolex used roman numerals for the ‘quarter’ stamp in the case back and standard numerals for their ‘quarter’ bracelet stamps – so a 4th quarter watch from 1965 would be stamped IV.65 in the case back but 4.65 for the bracelet and with the quarter number stamped above the year.

This method of date stamping bracelets continued, like the casebacks, until the early 70’s when it stopped.

From 1976 Rolex again started dating bracelets but this time with a letter to designate the year and number to designate the month of manufacture. So for instance, from the table below, we can denote that a bracelet stamped F7 was manufactured in July 1981. If a bracelet has an additional ‘S’ stamped along with the year and date then it is a service replacement.

More recently with SEL (solid end link) bracelets Rolex have been stamping the part number, date code and Rolex crown into the inner part of the end link and so not visible without removing the bracelet.

USA manufactured bracelets differ in their stampings to their European counterparts in that many bracelets have no date at all and those which are dated are month/year stamped rather than quarter/year. They are also stamped U.S.A. on the clasp to differentiate.

The table below should help you date your rolex bracelet. If you have a query please feel free to contact me and if I can help you I will certainly try.

You can also find your correct bracelet type for your watch by looking at my Rolex Bracelet Type page.

Bracelet Code Year
A or VA 1976
B or VB 1977
C or VC 1978
D or VD 1979
E or VE 1980
F or VF 1981
G 1982
H 1983
I 1984
J 1985
K 1986
L 1987
M 1988
N 1989
O 1990
P 1991
Q 1992
R 1993
S 1994
T or W 1995
V 1996
Z 1997
U 1998
X 1999
AB 2000
DE 2001
DT 2002
AD 2003
CL 2004
MA 2005
OP 2006
EO 2007
PJ 2008
LT 2009
RS 2010
RANDOM 2011 –