Hi Jason – Glad you got home!

After we put the girls to bed on friday we sat down with a glass of wine and had a toast to my dad, you and Australia!

Its been so stressful trying to find a way for us to get to Oz and now, because you bought our watch, all those stresses have gone.

I really wanted the watch to go to a person who would enjoy it like my lovely dad did and me and Q think you will. I was worried that we would end up selling it on ebay and someone would buy it and stuff it in a draw and forget about it!

It sounds silly but im just glad its gone to a gone home! We both felt very emotional saying goodbye to the watch but we feel we are making a future now and we are so excited.

It was lovely to meet you and I hope we stay in touch. I think how its strange that under normal circumstances we would have never met you but a watch can make people cross paths!

Hope you have a good time with your daughter today and that it doesent rain to much!!

We will be in touch soon and let you know how the visa goes!

Best wishes and thanks for everything, K,Q, M & E