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Rolex 1675 GMT Master 1970 For Sale – Tropical Look Nipple Dial!


Model:GMT Master
Papers inlcuded:No
Box included:No




In the world of vintage and classic cars we have a huge area dedicated to ‘hot rodding’ and ‘modified’ cars that have an enormously passionate following.

This is less so in vintage watches with the clamor for originality being the driving force in many peoples collections. We do see however a lot of modern Rolex watches being modified with different painted dials, pvd cases etc etc but none of these float my boat – aftermarket parts or adaptions and huge price increases over the originals seem to be more about fashion than design or heritage.

This watch however is very interesting.

In vintage circles the brown or ‘tropical’ dials are much sought after but nice ones are very rare (rubbish ones a plenty) and usually very expensive.

Here we have a standard steel Rolex 1675 GMT Master from 1970 that would have originally had a black matte dial and steel hands and a pepsi (blue/red) bezel insert.

It has been modified using all original Rolex parts to give it a more ‘tropical’ look. This has been done using an original early brown GMT ‘nipple’ dial and hands (these alone can sell up to £1000 these days) and an all brown insert.

However it retains it’s standard steel bezel and bracelet and so overall has a very cool tropical look to it.

This dial, hands and insert combination are very popular but many people are usually put off by them coming on a gold/steel bi-metal model with the usual gold bezel, crown and half gold half steel bracelet.

This now gives you the best of both worlds!

Won’t be for everyone but I think a lot of people will ‘get it’ and think it’s very cool in it’s own unique way.

Plus it’s not going to break the bank financially like many potential ‘tropicals’.

Hot Rodders would approve.

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