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Rare Tudor Milsub – French Navy Issued Tudor Submariner Marine Nationale (M.N.80)


Papers inlcuded:Yes
Box included:Yes



Here we have a very special vintage military Tudor Submariner 94010. This watch was issued to an officer of the French Navy, the Marine Nationale, in 1980.

This Tudor Milsub was the only watch believed to be issued to the French attack submarine the S.M.Agosta and has an 89X,XXX serial number that coincides with other one off and small supply military watches that have surfaced in the Canadian Navy and elsewhere.

It also has a very rare dial configuration being black with triangle only at the top and then baton style markers for the 3,6,9 plots. This dial is rare to find in even a standard Tudor Submariner and I have never seen one in any other Marine Nationale issued watch (and I have owned over 20 and held many more) although it is correct for the time period. The markers and hands have a deep yellow lume, almost brown, that has no glow at all or traces of tritium and this again may be due to it being a submarine watch.

The case is fat with very thick lugs and the caseback engraving is nice and clear with correct fonts for 1980.

The watch comes with a copy of the all important Decom papers (the previous owner having mislaid the original) and letter of authenticity from myself having previously been the owner of this watch.

Tudor Milsubs are getting very very hard to find now and almost never come to market with owners holding onto their watches as prices continue to rise steeply. The ever increasing prices of Rolex and Omega Milsubs mean these are still cheap in comparisson, but they are catching up very fast! In a few years time it will not surprise me if we may all be looking back at prices today and thinking “Wow they really were cheap and I’ve missed the boat on these now!”

This watch is extra special and different enough from other Tudor Milsubs to be quite unique. It will certainly fit nicely into the collection of the most avid collector and become a treasured piece.

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